DRYlib for Common Lisp

Getting Started



To install DRYlib on a host with ASDF 3, clone this source repository into some standard directory where ASDF looks for systems; for example:

$ mkdir -p ~/.local/share/common-lisp/source/
$ cd ~/.local/share/common-lisp/source/
$ git clone https://github.com/dryproject/drylib.lisp.git drylib

See also Configuring ASDF in the ASDF manual.

Library Usage

To load (and compile, if necessary) the DRYlib system, do:

(asdf:require-system :drylib)

On many Common Lisp implementations, ASDF hooks into the cl:require facility and you can simply say:

(require :drylib)

See also Using ASDF in the ASDF manual.



DRY Common Lisp
base dry (package)
bits TODO
code N/A
crypto TODO
data TODO
ffi TODO
geo TODO
lang TODO
logic TODO
math dry/math (package)
media TODO
meta dry/meta (package)
net TODO
qty TODO
std TODO
sys TODO
text dry/text (package)
text/ascii dry/text/ascii (package)
text/printf dry/text/printf (package)
text/utf8 dry/text/utf8 (package)
time TODO
util TODO

Module base

DRY Common Lisp
bool dry:bool (type with members true and false)
char dry:char (type alias for character)
complex dry:complex (type constrainted by complexp)
float dry:float (type disjunction of dry:float{32,64})
float32 dry:float32 (type alias for single-float)
float64 dry:float64 (type alias for double-float)
int dry:int (type alias for fixnum)
int8 dry:int8 (type alias for signed-byte 8)
int16 dry:int16 (type alias for signed-byte 16)
int32 dry:int32 (type alias for signed-byte 32)
int64 dry:int64 (type alias for signed-byte 64)
int128 dry:int128 (type alias for signed-byte 128)
integer dry:integer (type alias for signed-byte)
natural dry:natural (type constrainted by nonnegativep)
rational dry:rational (type constrainted by rationalp)
real dry:real (type disjunction of dry:{rational,float})
word dry:word (type alias for dry:word64)
word8 dry:word8 (type alias for unsigned-byte 8)
word16 dry:word16 (type alias for unsigned-byte 16)
word32 dry:word32 (type alias for unsigned-byte 32)
word64 dry:word64 (type alias for unsigned-byte 64)

Module math

DRY Common Lisp

Module meta

DRY Common Lisp

Module text

DRY Common Lisp

See Also

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