DRYlib for Kotlin



DRY Kotlin
base dry (package)
bits TODO
code N/A
crypto TODO
data TODO
ffi N/A
geo TODO
lang TODO
logic TODO
math dry.math (package)
media TODO
meta dry.meta (package)
net TODO
qty TODO
std TODO
sys TODO
text dry.text (package)
text/ascii dry.text.ascii (package)
text/printf dry.text.printf (package)
text/utf8 dry.text.utf8 (package)
time TODO
util TODO

Module base

DRY Kotlin
bool dry.Bool (type alias for kotlin.Boolean)
char dry.Char (type alias for kotlin.Char) (FIXME)
complex dry.Complex (data class)
float dry.Float (type alias for kotlin.Double)
float32 dry.Float32 (type alias for kotlin.Float)
float64 dry.Float64 (type alias for kotlin.Double)
int dry.Int (type alias for kotlin.Int)
int8 dry.Int8 (type alias for kotlin.Int)
int16 dry.Int16 (type alias for kotlin.Int)
int32 dry.Int32 (type alias for kotlin.Int)
int64 dry.Int64 (type alias for kotlin.Long)
int128 dry.Int128 (type alias for kotlin.Long) (FIXME)
integer dry.Integer (type alias for java.math.BigInteger)
natural dry.Natural (type alias for dry.Integer)
rational dry.Rational (data class)
real dry.Real (type alias for java.math.BigDecimal)
word dry.Word (type alias for kotlin.Long)
word8 dry.Word8 (type alias for kotlin.Long)
word16 dry.Word16 (type alias for kotlin.Long)
word32 dry.Word32 (type alias for kotlin.Long)
word64 dry.Word64 (type alias for kotlin.Long)

Module math

DRY Kotlin

Module meta

DRY Kotlin

Module text

DRY Kotlin

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