DRYlib for Java

Getting Started


  • Java SE 8+
  • Gradle 4.6+

Library Usage

import dry.*;

Design Principles

  • No runtime dependencies on anything else, for anything.

The Interfaces

  • Immutability: All objects are immutable (final) after construction.
  • Null safety: No methods ever accept null arguments, nor do they return null. Constructors check their arguments and throw a NullPointerException if passed a null value; as a consequence, no fields can be null. All method parameters and results are annotated with the @NotNull annotation from JetBrains.
  • Null handling: All methods throw a NullPointerException immediately if encountering null at the input boundayr, terminating the stack trace at the exact method that was called with a null argument.
  • Thread safety: Due to immutability, it is safe to cache and reuse object instances and to freely share them between threads.

The Implementation

  • All local variables are declared immutable (final) by default, except for variables that actually are mutated in the method body (no qualifier).



DRY Java
base dry (package)
bits TODO
code N/A
crypto TODO
data TODO
ffi N/A
geo TODO
lang TODO
logic TODO
math dry.math (package)
media TODO
meta dry.meta (package)
net TODO
qty TODO
std TODO
sys TODO
text dry.text (package)
text/ascii dry.text.ascii (package)
text/printf dry.text.printf (package)
text/utf8 dry.text.utf8 (package)
time TODO
util TODO

Module base

DRY Java
bool dry.Bool (class)
char dry.Char (class)
complex dry.Complex (interface)
float dry.Float (interface)
float32 dry.Float32 (class)
float64 dry.Float64 (class)
int dry.Int (class)
int8 dry.Int8 (class)
int16 dry.Int16 (class)
int32 dry.Int32 (class)
int64 dry.Int64 (class)
int128 dry.Int128 (class)
integer dry.Integer (interface)
natural dry.Natural (class)
number dry.Number (interface)
rational dry.Rational (interface)
real dry.Real (interface)
symbol dry.Symbol (interface)
word dry.Word (interface)
word8 dry.Word8 (class)
word16 dry.Word16 (class)
word32 dry.Word32 (class)
word64 dry.Word64 (class)

Module math

DRY Java

Module meta

DRY Java

Module text

DRY Java

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