module base/simd

Single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) types and operations.


Type Summary
float16x2 32-bit vector with two float16 lanes.
float16x4 64-bit vector with four float16 lanes.
float16x8 128-bit vector with eight float16 lanes.
float16x16 256-bit vector with sixteen float16 lanes.
float16x32 512-bit vector with thirty-two float16 lanes.
float32x2 64-bit vector with two float32 lanes.
float32x4 128-bit vector with four float32 lanes.
float32x8 256-bit vector with eight float32 lanes.
float32x16 512-bit vector with sixteen float32 lanes.
float64x2 128-bit vector with two float64 lanes.
float64x4 256-bit vector with four float64 lanes.
float64x8 512-bit vector with eight float64 lanes.