module base

Base library & types.


Module Summary
simd Single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) types and operations.


Type Summary
any Any value. All other types are subtypes of any.
bit Bit (zero or one).
bool Boolean (true or false).
char Character (21-bit Unicode code point).
complex Complex number (arbitrary size).
datum Datum.
error Error.
float Floating-point number (native size).
float16 Floating-point number (16-bit half-precision).
float32 Floating-point number (32-bit single-precision).
float64 Floating-point number (64-bit double-precision).
function Function.
int Integer number (native size).
int8 Integer number (8-bit).
int16 Integer number (16-bit).
int32 Integer number (32-bit).
int64 Integer number (64-bit).
int128 Integer number (128-bit).
integer Integer number (arbitrary size).
interval Interval.
list List.
map Map.
matrix Matrix (a 2D tensor).
nat Natural number (native size).
natural Natural number (arbitrary size).
none The empty type. No other types are subtypes of none.
number Number.
optional Optional value.
predicate Predicate function.
quantity Quantity.
rational Rational number (arbitrary size).
real Real number (arbitrary size).
result Result value.
scalar Scalar (a 0D tensor).
seq Sequence.
set Set.
string String.
symbol Symbol.
tensor Tensor.
tuple Compound type of a fixed number of terms.
type Type.
unit Unit of measurement.
vector Vector (a 1D tensor).
word Machine word (native size).
word8 Machine word (8-bit).
word16 Machine word (16-bit).
word32 Machine word (32-bit).
word64 Machine word (64-bit).